The Daughters of Fire

The Daughters of Fire

Albertina Carri

Feature Film
desired! – film lust & queer

A lesbian-feminist road movie about self-determination, lust and sex. After a period of separation, two lovers meet up again and decide to go on a road-trip together with another woman. Surrounded by beautiful countryside, they experiment with their lust and invite more and more women to join them, so that they can explore their desires both collectively and individually. It becomes a polyamorous journey that combines experimentation with sex and lust with the experimental search for queer-feminist pornographic images. This search becomes real not only in the film itself, it also accompanies the narration in the questions of its protagonist. Intimacy here is space- and image- consuming. The time the women spend together becomes a queer utopian experience that envisages a space and time outside patriarchal systems.

The International Film Festival Rotterdam said about the film: »Film-maker Albertina Carri reveals that it’s possible to love without jealousy and suffering. She shoots unbridled pleasure explicitly, thereby celebrating the beauty of the female form and that of the Argentinian landscape in all its manifestations.«

Awards for Las Hijas del Fuego (Selection)
Best Argentinian Film – BAFICI 2018 | Best Feature Film – Gender Bender 2018 | Jury Award for Best Direction – LesGaiCineMad 2018

Director / Script

Albertina Carri


Inés Duacastella, Soledad Rodríguez


Florencia Tissera


Mercedes Gaviria


Carolina Alamino Barthaburu, Mijal Katzowicz, Rocío Zuviría, Wanda Rzonscinsky, María Eugenia Marcet, Ivanna Colona Olsen, Mar Morales, Erica Rivas, Cristina Banegas


Eugenia Campos Guevara, Gentil


Raspberry & Cream

Albertina Carri

Albertina Carri studied directing at the Universidad del Cine in Buenos Aires. Apart from working as a director, producer and screenwriter, she is artistic director of Asterisco – International LGBTIQ Film Festival in Buenos Aires.

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