Churchill, Polar Bear Town

Annabelle Amoros


In northern Canada, a young woman was attacked by a polar bear. She tells the story. The press is interested in the story. But otherwise there is little going on in the snow-grey village of Churchill. Every now and then, a helicopter disturbs the winter rest. There is not much in the sleepy nest: occasional bingo nights, Halloween once a year and polar nights. Tourists come for a photo safari. They want to catch one of the powerful predators live. They are lucky.

Awards for ›Churchill, Polar Bear Town‹
Special Mention, Clermont Ferrand International Short Film Festival (France) | Special Youth Jury Award for a medium length film, Vision du Réel (Switzerland) | Special Mention, IndieLisboa (Portugal)


Annabelle Amoros


Annabelle Amoros, Negin Khazaee


Laurent Leveneur


Annabelle Amoros, Jules Wysocki, Léonore Mercier


Clarisse Tupin, Paraíso Production

Portrait of director Annabel

Annabelle Amoros

Annabelle studied at the École Supérieure d’Arts of Metz, at the École Supérieure de la Photographie of Arles and then joined Le Fresnoy in 2016. During her studies, she directed several short films such as La Maison des Lilas (2016), Sur la Route (2016), AREA 51, Nevada, USA (2017). Her films have been shown in many festivals in France and abroad, Indislisboa, Visions du Réel-Nyon, Les Rencontres internationales Paris-Berlin in the Gaîté Lyrique, as well as in cultural institutions, Centre Pompidou – Paris, Musées d’Art Moderne et Contemporain – Strasbourg, FRAC Alsace – Sélestat, Musée National de l’Immigration – Paris …

In 2018, she went on a three-month location scouting trip to Churchill (Canada) and in 2020, she captured the rest of her images remotely from France. Currently, her film Churchill, Polar Bear Town is in diffusion while Tornades, which was first shot in 2019 and second in spring 2021, is in its post-production phase. Since 2018, she has been collaborating with producer Clarisse Tupin of Paraíso Production, for Churchill, Polar Bear Town, Tornades and more recently Roswell.

Films by Annabelle Amoros
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