Blaubeeren – cerne jagody

blueberries – cerne jagody

Maja Nagel, Julius Günzel


»Here we bid farewell and let mourning take place […] If there is an accusation, it will not be voiced.« –Robert Lorenz

The old lady knows all the best places to pick blueberries, and she also knows the right way to preserve them. She loves the ancient beech tree, and also the area, which she knows like the back of her hand. The open-cast lignite mine relentlessly devours the forest of the Muskau Heath, moving ever closer to the village of Rohne, where the two Sorbian protagonists Edith and Christian Penk live. A tragic story from Lusetia.

Directors / Editing

Maja Nagel, Julius Günzel


Julius Günzel


Frieder Zimmermann


Edith Penk, Christian Penk


Maja Nagel, Filmpunktart – Julius Günzel


Filmpunktart – Julius Günzel

Portrait of director Maja Nagel

Maja Nagel

The artist Maja Nagel has been involved with animated film projects since 1996. Her debut film das erste mal picked up the Animation Film Prize at the International Film Festival in Salerno, Italy in 1998. She lives and works in Eula and Dresden.

Films by Maja Nagel
friedenkriegen 2017 | blaubeeren – cerne jagody (with Julius Günzel) 2013 | immerfort 2010 | augenblick 2006 | MASSENTAT ornament 2003 | das erste mal 1998

Julius Günzel

Julius Günzel is a self-taught cameraman, and works primarily in the documentary genre. He lives in Dresden. Besides his cinematography work, he teaches film courses at all-day schools in the city.

Films by Julius Günzel
Schulzeit ist Lebenszeit 2018 | frieden kriegen (with Maya Nagel, Jörg Herrmann) 2017 | Raden Saleh 2012 | Der Buddha und die Taube (with Máté Baksa Soós) 2011 | Gaststätte Goldener Pfeil (with Konrad Hirsch) 2006