An Evening out on a Spending Spree

La tournée des grands ducs

An Evening out on a Spending Spree

Polaire (Artist)

Short film
Finally Back on the Silver Screen

Two well-heeled couples are hoping for an evening of thrills in a low dive currently the talk of the local press. And they are not disappointed: they get to see the »Apache« stereotype in front of their very eyes – with a wicked woman in a key role and the famously coarse Apache dance that originated in the variety theatre. But then the satire takes a turn more costly than expected …

Director / Script

Yves Mirande


Polaire, Amand Numès, Gaston Sylvestre, Maria Fromet




Gaumont Pathé Archives

Polaire (Artist)

For over three decades, Polaire (Emilie-Marie Bouchard- Zouzé, 1881–1939) was one of the most popular and versatile stars on the Parisian entertainment scene. She assumed legendary status with solo performances at the Eldorado in the 1980s, in the boulevard theatre from 1902 onwards and as a revue star, after 1908. Born in Algeria, she cultivated an exotic, androgynous, wasp-waisted body and played on her Arabic accent. yet she was an excellent comic and singer too. From 1909 onwards, she began to appear in films. Since she is often confused with Pauline Polaire, it is difficult to compile a reliable filmography.