All About Love

De Xian Chao Fan

All About Love

Ann Hui

desired! – film lust & queer

»One day I was trying to gather stories about the young women of Hong Kong to make a series of TV- dramas. I talked to Elsa, the scriptwriter and she told me this story of two lesbians, both pregnant, who met at a Mother’s Choice conference after a separation of ten or fifteen years. They were lovers in their teens. … We started from there and wrote a light comedy, which had all sorts of hilarious situations while touching on the serious issue of sexual orientation and the meaning of family.«
– Ann Hui

Macy, a lawyer by profession, is bisexual and has trouble being pigeonholed because of this. Robert is the boss of an advertising agency next to Macy’s offices. His wife accuses him of domestic violence and wants a divorce. This is why Robert hires Macy to defend him. Against her feminist principles, not only does she help him to get his wife back, she also becomes pregnant by him. After a one-night-stand with Mike, Anita also realises that she is pregnant. At a family counselling clinic she bumps into Macy, with whom she once had an affair. After 12 years, their passion for one another reignites, and the decision for or against pregnancy is difficult for both of them. Macy longs for freedom, Anita on the other hand is about to lose her job. In this situation both Robert and Mike provide support to the two women.


Ann Hui


Yeeshan Yang


Charlie Lam


Eric Kong Chi Leung, Chan Chi Wai


Tu Duu-Chih


Anthony Chue


Sandra Ng, Vivian Chow, Eddie Cheung, William Chang, Joey Meng, Jo Koo


Class Limited


Mega-Vision Pictures Ltd.

Ann Hui

Ann Hui was born in Anshan, Liaoning Province, China in 1947. She emigrated to Hong Kong with her family during her childhood. After graduating from the University of Hong Kong, she went to the United Kingdom and completed a two-year special course on film and then returned to Hong Kong. She produced a number of documentaries and dramas as a TV director, as well as assistant to King Hu who was a master of Chinese martial arts films. In 1979, she made her debut as a film director with The Secret and soon became a standard-bearer for the »Hong Kong New Wave«. To date, she has directed more than twenty feature films, winning numerous awards for herself and the leading actors, including the Silver Bear Award for Best Actress for Josephine Siao in Summer Snow in 1996 at the Berlin International Film Festival.

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