Yek nameh be madaram

A Letter to My Mother

Amina Maher


In a filmic letter to her mother, Amina Maher examines the psychological consequences of the violence she experienced as a child. A Letter to My Mother is a radical, merciless cinematic form of processing sexualised violence and analysing trauma, shame and all the feelings that remain. How can experiences of violence be addressed and processed in film? A Letter to My Mother uses the medium to answer precisely this question.

Awards for A Letter to My Mother
Best Documentary on Human Rights – Venice Intercultural Film Festival 2020 | Award of Recognition – IMPACT DOCS Awards 2020 | Best Documentary Short Award – Luminous Frames Film Festival & Photography Contest 2020

Director / Script / Editing / Production

Amina Maher


David Simon Groß


Benedikt Ludwig, Alex Feldman


Dariush Baradari, Amina Maher, Angelina Urbanczyk, Hoda Taheri, Reza Saeedi, Zeinab Miri, Parham Razavi, Mania Akbari


Amina Maher

Portrait of Amina Maher

Amina Maher

Amina Maher is an Iranian queer film-maker whose works deal with themes of gender and identity in relation to violence and power structures. She began her film career playing as a protagonist in Abbas Kiarostami’s Ten, which portrayed Amina’s real-life relationship with her mother. The film was nominated for the Palme d’Or at Cannes International Film Festival. Maher is currently taking a master’s degree in film directing at Film University Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF.

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