A Lady and her Maid

A Lady and her Maid

Norma Talmadge (Artist), Florence Radinoff (Artist)

Short film
Finally Back on the Silver Screen

Two comic ugly ducklings, Belinda and Miss Ophelia, turn into gorgeous swans. Norma Talmadge, who would later become a dignified superstar, offers here an enchanting Pippi Longstocking. In 1913, Vitagraph produced a series of comedies which starred the female duo of Belinda (Norma Talmadge) and Miss Ophelia (Florence Radinoff) and which was scripted by Beta Breuil.


Bert Angeles


Beta Breuil


Norma Talmadge, Florence Radinoff, Hughie Mack, Kate Price, James Morrison, Flora Finch, Lilian Walker




EYE Film Instituut Nederland

Norma Talmadge (Artist)

Norma Talmadge (1893-1957), the oldest and most successful of the three Talmadge sisters began at Vitagraph in 1910 and got her first big parts in 1913. In the decade from 1917 to 1927, she was an absolute superstar and also ran her own production company.

Florence Radinoff (Artist)

Of Florence Radinoff little is known: a year of birth (1901), which is obviously wrong; her film roles from 1912 to 1917; and the fact that she published a handbook on scriptwriting in 1913, namely, The Photoplaywright’s Handy Textbook (Manhattan Motion Picture Institute, 78 pp 1913).