2000m² and a Garden

2000m² mit Garten

2000m² and a Garden

Tama Tobias-Macht


A magnificent century-old mansion in an exclusive suburb of Cologne is home to two women and their unique collection of art. Set in the midst of meticulously tended gardens, this stately home integrates art into daily living, uplifting the mundane to sublime levels of aesthetic experience. This is where Art lives and where life becomes Art.

Awards for ›2000m² mit Garten‹
Förderpreis für junge Künstler_innen NRW in der Kategorie Film 2012 | Förderpreis des Büros für Gleichstellung der Kunsthochschule für Medien Köln 2012

Film programme A Better Life

Director / Script / Editing

Tama Tobias-Macht


Julia Franken


Tim Elzer, Ralf Schipke

Production / Contact

Kunsthochschule für Medien Köln



Tama Tobias-Macht

After studying photography at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem, Tama Tobias-Macht studied film at Cologne Academy of Media Arts from 2006. She has worked as a free-lance director, editor and photographer since 2012. Her work has earned her the NRW Sponsorship Award for Young Artists in the film category and the Award for Young Film Art from the Nationalgalerie and German Film Academy (shortlisted). Tobias-Macht lives and works in Cologne.

Films by Tama Tobias-Macht
Blending In 2017 | 2000m2 mit Garten 2012 | Frau Macht 2011 | Haltestelle Hansaring 2008