»TRANS – I Got Life« at World Views Cologne

Film still from Trans - I Got Life

»Trans is not a curse or a disease, but a path.« Seven protagonists talk about their transsexuality and about psychological, physical and medical problems.

The program is primarily aimed at women with and without a migration background, but is also open to anyone who enjoys watching good films. The conversations following the film screenings – with and without guests – are usually passionate and committed, but always characterized by mutual respect.

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Recommended for ages 16 and up

The director of TRANS – I Got Life, Imogen Kimmel, will be our guest for the film discussion.

Trans – I Got Life

Imogen Kimmel, Doris Metz

DE / RU / US
OmeU, dt. UT

Trans – I Got Life takes a close look at the wide spectrum of trans-identity through the lense of seven […]

25 Nov 16:00
Odeon Köln