DOXS RUHR Programme age 6 and older

Animation of a scene in the living room, a red monster with five eyes holds a small dog in its arms

As a partner of the DOXS RUHR school film events, the IFFF Dortmund+Köln presents Die Schule am Meer and Mein Name ist Angst.

Teachers and their classes can register for the screening free of charge. When booking, please state the number of pupils, their age and a telephone number for queries. Professional visitors can register for the cinema programme informally by e-mail.

More information about the programme for schools: doxs-ruhr.de/programm/

Reservations and contact: Hannah Kirzeder, Gudrun Sommer
bildung@doxs-ruhr.de Tel: +49 234 966 42423

For pupils aged 6 and over

The School by the Sea

Solveig Melkeraaen


During the breaks, Thorvin can hear the sea roaring. »The best thing about our school is that there are not […]

Mein Name ist Angst

Eliza Plocieniak-Alvarez


Whether in the dark, when a dog barks at us, or when we have to speak in front of a […]

11 Nov 13:15
Schauburg Dortmund