13 May 19:00

»Art on the MOve«: Comfort & Joy – Flowers for the Soul

Alle meine Blumen is the name of the Super 8 film with which we will start this flower-rich program. We will continue with Atomic Garden from the province of Fukushima to the botanical rarity winterlieb at the demolition edge of the open-cast mine in Lusatia.

Alle meine Blumen, Dorit Kiesewetter and Carsten Knoop, D 1998, 3 min.
Atomic Garden, Ana Vaz, BR / P 2018, 8 min.
Fahrt ins Blaue, Ingeborg Tölke, DDR 1965, 9 min.
Schmetterlingsküsse, Dagie Brundert, D 1997, 5 min.
winterlieb – libawka, Maja Nagel and Julius Günzel, D 2020, 30 min.
Magnolia, Dagie Brundert, D 2013, 1 min.
What a Wonderful World, Anja Plaschg and Timo Schierhorn, D 2018, 1 min.

More than Flowers
A film program for the exhibition »FLOWERS! Flowers in 20th and 21st Century Art,« curated by Betty Schiel.

Admission: 9,- €, 5,- € reduced
Admission with the ticket to exhibition