Art on the MOve: »Mary Bauermeister – eins und eins ist drei«

A woman holds a glass ball in front of her face, which can be seen as a whole through the glass ball.

This impressive documentary film focuses on the life and work of the Fluxus artist Mary Bauermeister, whose studio Nam June Paik used for his first performances. It presents her from a private perspective through a series of interviews. As one of the most important artistic figures of the Fluxus art movement, Mary Bauermeister succeeded in combining male-dominated post-war art with a feminine materialism, a distinctive characteristic only now being rediscovered.

Guests: The exhibition curators

Admission free.

Registration requested at: info@dortmunder-u.de


Art on the MOve is an initiative that presents film series accompanying exhibitions at Dortmunder U art center. Art on the MOve gets our view of art moving, broadening the exhibitions with new perspectives and highlighting the artistic aspects of cinema. The documentary film »Mary Bauermeister: One plus one makes three« is being shown as part of the current Museum Ostwall exhibition Nam June Paik: I Expose the Music.

In collaboration with the Museum Ostwall



Mary Bauermeister is considered the mother of the Fluxus movement. In an attic in Cologne’s Lintgasse, she created art history […]